Archaeologist excavating artifacts

August 2015

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Fragment of wooden box lid with copper alloy tacks

A Tactful Reveal

The wooden cover decorated with tacks that archaeologists excavated in May 2015 may be the cover to a treasure box called a casket. “It would hold […]

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Archaeologist recording with a transit while a group analyzes features in the background

July 2015

In 23 years of research, the Jamestown Rediscovery team has found the lost James Fort and the lost 1608 church within the fort, and now the […]

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Archaeologist standing on a balk between two excavation units

June 2015

In 22 years of research, the Jamestown Rediscovery team has excavated several James Fort wells that held hundreds of thousands of artifacts. Evidence at the current […]

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Archaeologist video recording excavations while others trowel nearby

May 2015

The story of books from early Jamestown may have a new chapter. Twenty years of excavations at the James Fort site have yielded more than 100 […]

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Men tip a wheelbarrow of dirt next to posts of a low wall

April 2015

Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists have created a new way to mark the site of the 1608 church where Pocahontas and English tobacco grower John Rolfe were married. […]

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Crew filming a man standing on a riverbank

Jamestown Rediscovery opposes massive power lines

Standing by the James River, Dr. James Horn, president of Jamestown Rediscovery, told a film crew from the National Trust for Historic Preservation that “it would […]

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Two views of a dagger before and after conservation

March 2015

The footprint of the original James Fort is a military site, so 21 years of archaeology has uncovered a lot of iron tools, armor, and weapons. […]

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Main page of the Jamestown Rediscovery website

Jamestown Rediscovery launches dynamic new website

Jamestown Rediscovery was one of the first archaeological teams in the United States to use a website when it launched its Internet communications in 1996. Today […]

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Staff and delegation pose for a group photo

Iraqi museum officials visit Historic Jamestowne

The National Park Service reported that a delegation of 10 Iraqi museum directors, archeologists and cultural heritage experts visited Colonial National Historical Park and Historic Jamestowne in […]

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Conservator looking through a microscope

February 2015

Working in the archaeological lab this winter, assistant conservator Katy Corneli has spent some of her time conserving small copper-alloy artifacts. Much of the work is […]

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Two views of a dagger before and after conservation

Conserve To Preserve

After artifacts are removed from the soil by the archaeologist, they go to the lab located on Jamestown Island to be processed and preserved. This is the job of the conservator.

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