Slate tablet lying in situ next to trowel

March 2013

 An English expert on slates visited Historic Jamestowne in March to get a closer look at the tablet on display at the Archaearium. “It’s truly […]

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Silver teething stick with coral end

February 2013

Bly Straube, senior archaeological curator for the Jamestown Rediscovery project, is preparing a combination whistle and teething stick for exhibit this spring. She says the object […]

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January 2013

 In the wintertime, with fieldwork temporarily at a halt, conservation efforts in the laboratory are aided by the addition of staff archaeologist Don Warmke who […]

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December 2012

 The sturgeon bones layered across the floor of the L-shaped cellar illuminate how important the river was as a source of food for early James […]

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November 2012

 Could an oven inside the L-shaped cellar still bake bread today? Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists working on the features were surprised this month to find that […]

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Staff shows artifact to visiting children

October 2012

 October is a golden month for archaeology at James Fort. The high heat of the summer is gone but there is still warmth and sunshine. […]

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September 2012

 This summer’s archaeological work around the 17th-century brick church tower is noteworthy for what it did and didn’t find. The units opened just south of […]

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August 2012

 Now there are two brick features in the L-shaped cellar near James Fort’s first well. Were these brick features in Structure 191 heating sources for […]

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Soil layers within excavation unit sidewall

July 2012

 The L-shaped cellar near James Fort’s first well has been found to have a brick feature at its southeast end, steps at its north end, […]

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June 2012

 This summer eight different 10-by-10 foot units will be opened just south of the 1907 Memorial Church. In June the 2012 Field School students began […]

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May 2012

 So far the most spectacular find of the 19th archaeological season at Historic Jamestowne is the lower leaf of an ivory pocket sundial known as […]

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April 2012

 Exciting artifacts began to come out of the ground within days after the first shovels of dirt opened the 19th archaeological season at Historic Jamestowne. […]

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