Jamestown from Home

Want to learn more about Jamestown and the archaeology of this historic site from home? Begin exploring our online resources below to dig deeper into Jamestown’s history!

map of discoveries

Explore this interactive map to learn more about the excavation of James Fort and some of the most significant findings made over the past 25 years. Click to investigate the map!

digital rediscovery

Explore virtual video tours with our expert staff (as well as someone from 1609) to learn more about the history and archaeology of James Fort. Click to begin touring!

dig updates

Revisit many of the exciting archaeological discoveries by reading through some of the information and videos posted as we were digging them. The Dig Updates cover 2004 to the present. Click to begin reading!


Learn more about some of the most significant artifacts found at Jamestown. Click to begin browsing the collection! You can also virtually explore some of the highlights of our Archaearium museum. Click here to see the floor plan!

archaearium virtual tour

Explore the Archaearium museum and the thousands of artifacts it contains, all but a few of which were found just yards away from where it stands. Click to step inside!


Check out our YouTube channels, one focusing on the archaeological project and findings and the other featuring more general videos about the history of Jamestown Island. We post a new video in our Dig Deeper video series weekly, so be sure to subscribe to be among the first to see each new video. Click to browse our Jamestown Rediscovery channel or our Jamestown Rediscovery Education channel!

research resources

Looking for reading material? Take a deeper dive into the research on Jamestown through technical reports, scholarly articles, and a list of books written by our staff members. Click to start learning!

lesson plans

Teach about the history and archaeology of Jamestown through these updated lesson plans. Click to view and download lessons!

jr kids at home

Younger audiences and those young at heart may enjoy “Coloring our Collection” through our downloadable activity pages. Each activity is accompanied by a link to learn more about the featured artifact or topic. Click to access the activities!