Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation
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phone: (757) 229-4997 x100

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Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation Staff

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Dr. James Horn, President and Chief Officer, (757) 229-4997 x101 jhorn
Denise Kellogg, Director of Development, (757) 229-4997 x103 dkellogg

Jamie Agnew, Communications Manager, (757) 229-4997 x104 jagnew
Katie Kowicki, Administrative Assistant, (757) 229-4997 x100 kkowicki
Archaearium Museum
Jamie E. May, Director of the Voorhees Archaearium Museum, (757) 229-4997 x105 jamie

Archaearium Welcome Desk (757) 229-9776
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David M. Givens, Director of Archaeology, (757) 229-4997 dgivens
Dr. William M. Kelso, CBE, FSA, Emeritus Director of Archaeology & Research, (757) 229-4997 x102 wkelso

Mary Anna R. Hartley, Senior Staff Archaeologist, marhartley
Sean Romo, Senior Staff Archaeologist, sromo

Robert (Bob) Chartrand, Site Supervisor, rchartrand
Anna Shackelford, Site Supervisor, ashackelford

Les Jennings, Staff Archaeologist, ljennings
Nicole Roenicke, Staff Archaeologist, nroenicke

Ryan Krank, Archaeological Field Technician
Caitlin Delmas, Archaeological Field Technician
Natalie Reid, Archaeological Field Technician

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Durfor, Staff Photographer, cdurfor
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Michael D. Lavin, Director of Collections & Conservation, (757) 229-4997 x109 mlavin

Merry A. Outlaw, Senior Curator, (757) 229-4997 x108 moutlaw
Leah Stricker, Associate Curator, lstricker
Janene Johnston, Collections & Curation Assistant, jjohnston

Dan Gamble, Senior Conservator, (757) 229-4997 x112 dgamble
Donald (Don) D. Warmke, Conservator, dwarmke
Dr. James (Chris) Wilkins, Conservator, cwilkins
Digital Initiatives
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Lisa E. Fischer, Director of Digital Initiatives, (757) 229-4997 x106 lfischer

Cynthia J. Deuell, Digital Outreach Specialist, cdeuell
Erica Moses, Digital Outreach Specialist, emoses
Caroline Gardiner, Digital Outreach Specialist, cgardiner
Living History & Historic Trades
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William Balderson, Director of Living History & Historic Trades, wbalderson
Public & Youth Programs
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Mark Summers, Director of Public & Youth Programs, (757) 229-4997 x121 msummers
Visitor Center & Museum Stores
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Kelly Beckley, Director of Visitor Services, (757) 856-1259 kbeckley

Emily Krogh, Manager of Visitor Services, (757) 856-1259 ekrogh
Aiden Ball, Assistant Manager of Visitor Services, (757) 856-1250 aball

Sharolyn Wright, Manager of Retail, (757) 856-1274 swright
Tina Minns, Assistant Manager of Retail, (757) 856-1273 tminns

Visitor Center Welcome Desk (757) 856-1250
Visitor Center Museum Store (757) 856-1272
National Park Service at Historic Jamestowne (757) 856-1200
Dale House Cafe
Dale House Cafe (757) 229-1170