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the bounty of jamestown 

The search for a richer story about Jamestown, the site of the first permanent English settlement in the New World, continues inside the Jamestown Rediscovery Center where over three million excavated artifacts and ecofacts are housed.  In addition to illustrating documented people and events at Jamestown, the collections help interpret the unwritten past. These lost or discarded bits and pieces were touched, treasured, traded, used, or broken by the people who helped lay the foundations of America’s birthplace.

The links on this page will provide more information about the archaeological assemblage recovered by Jamestown Rediscovery. You will learn where objects were made, how they were used, and what they meant to the people who used them. In the award-winning archaeological museum, the Archaearium, you will see artifacts that tell the story of 17th century Jamestown as it moved from a small wooden fortification to a bustling and thriving port. On exhibit in the museum are personal items that belonged to first individuals who risked their lives to travel to Jamestown; artifacts that illustrate interactions between settlers and Virginia Indians; and munitions used during Bacon’s Rebellion to burn the Statehouse in 1676. The Research Resources section will point you to collaborations with prominent scientists, historians, and archaeologists whose work has enriched the Jamestown story. The private behind-the-scenes Curators’ Artifact Tour in the Jamestown Rediscovery Center reveals how artifacts are processed in the laboratory and interpreted by the curators in the collections storage facility. The immense artifact collection continues to reveal stories of America’s birthplace and brought the people who once trod these grounds to life, and we welcome you to share in the discoveries.

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Explore some of the most unique items unearthed in 25 years of excavation at James Fort.


Visit the award-winning Archaearium museum which hosts more than 4,000 artifacts that bring early James Fort to life.

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Hear about the exciting behind-the-scenes work that our team performs.

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