The Jamestown Fund

help preserve the birthplace of English America

Supporters of the Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation make it possible for archaeologists, historians, and educators to keep alive the compelling stories of discovery, diversity and democracy from the beginning decades of what would become the most important of the first 13 British colonies in America. We could not continue to achieve such remarkable results without the loyal support of contributors. We hope you will consider making a gift to further our efforts. A donation of any amount is tax-deductible and gives you regular updates on our findings and programming through our e-newsletter.

Please consider a gift at one of the following levels :

  • Governor’s Council — A $5000 donation
  • Virginia Councilor — A $1000 donation
  • Burgess — A $500 donation
  • Captain of the Guard — A $250 donation
  • Ancient Planter — A $100 donation
  • Adventurer — A $50 donation
  • Settler — A $35 donation

Donations to the Jamestown Fund can be made online or through the mail. To access the secure online donation portal, please click the button below to “Make an Online Gift.” To make a donation by mail, please click the button to “Download a Donation Form” and simply return the completed form in the mail.

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