• Silver Skeleton Seal

    This silver seal bears an intricate scene reminding its owner of the short time he had on Earth. A skeleton holds both an hourglass and an […]

  • Holed Sixpence

    The gentlemen wrote the records of the early James Fort. The workers left their story in the personal objects that archaeologists have found on the fort […]

  • Ear Picker

    A Jamestown colonist used this beautiful dolphin to scrape scale from teeth, clean dirt from fingernails, and scoop out earwax. In the late 16th and early […]

  • Silver Bodkin

    This needle-like and incomplete tool once had a long eye in its shaft so women could draw lacing or cord through their corsets, bodices, and other […]

  • English Coins

    Since coins are among the few artifacts that are dated, they are welcome finds on archaeological sites. A coin buried with other artifacts undisturbed over the […]

  • Doublet Button

    This ornate button was found in Jamestown’s Memorial Church in backfill, related to Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities’ 1901-1902 excavations. Commonly uncovered on sites […]