Dress & Personal

  • Prince of Orange Medallion

    This artifact speaks to the military background of some of the gentlemen colonists in early James Fort. Dated 1615, this medal shows the bust of Maurice […]

  • Silver Bodkin

    This needle-like and incomplete tool once had a long eye in its shaft so women could draw lacing or cord through their corsets, bodices, and other […]

  • Nuremberg Thimble

    There was a tailor in the first group of Jamestown colonists in 1607, and six more tailors arrived with the next group of settlers, in January […]

  • Goffering Iron

    In a tiny fort at the edge of a continent, an ocean away from London society, someone thought it was important to keep their ruffs up. […]

  • Child’s Shoe

    A few shoes and other leather artifacts have been found in the wet anaerobic (without oxygen) environments of James Fort’s wells. In 2006 fragments of a […]

  • Lead Cloth Seals

    Small leaden discs, known a cloth seals, were crimped onto finished fabrics in England by the manufacturer, the merchant, the quality control inspector, and the tax […]

  • Gimmel Ring

    The three gold wavy and twisted hoops fit together to form a finger ring called a gimmel ring. One hoop of the ring bears a tiny […]

  • Silk Fragment

    This silk remnant, no larger than a child’s fingernail, was found along with tiny twisted silver threads and silver spangles in the 1610 burial of Captain […]