• Spanish Coins

    More than 500 coins, jettons, and tokens have been found around the original James Fort site. Most of the coins are English. Others are European coins […]

  • Nueva Cadiz Beads

    This type of glass bead is named after a 16th-century Spanish colony in Venezuela where this type of bead was first recognized by archaeologists. Hundreds of […]

  • English Coins

    Since coins are among the few artifacts that are dated, they are welcome finds on archaeological sites. A coin buried with other artifacts undisturbed over the […]

  • Irish Coins

    The first charter granted to the Virginia Company said it could print money for its colony. The company never did. There was no great need for […]

  • Coin Weights

    In early Jamestown, brass coin weights were necessary to verify the values of gold and silver coins. Unlike modern small change, which only represents a government-established […]

  • Jettons

    More than 500 of these coin-like objects made in Nuremberg, Germany, have been found in the features of James Fort. This is the largest number of […]

  • Shipping Tag

    This small lead shipping tag was found at the bottom of a James Fort well dating 1611-1617. Stamped “YAMES TOWNE” with individual die stamps, it probably […]

  • Potomac Creek Pot

    Potomac Creek pottery is usually found by the Potomac River, but it also has been found on sites west to the Piedmont and south into Henrico […]