Craft & Industry

  • Graphite

    The graphite recovered at the James Fort site is primarily in two forms: nodules and carved pencil points. While similar in appearance to the graphite in […]

  • Nail Header

    Researchers suspected for a long time that there must be a nail heading tool somewhere on the James Fort site, given all the raw material the […]

  • Scuppet

    Resembling a modern day gardening hoe, the scuppet was an indispensable tool for the colonists at Jamestown. It was vital to fort construction in the 17th […]

  • Broad Axe

    There is little argument that without axes, the colonists would not have been able to fell the trees needed to build James Fort. Having a much […]

  • Felling Axe

    Axes and hatchets for felling timber and working it into useful pieces of wood were indispensable to the first colonists. The felling axe, which has a […]

  • Crucible with Glass

    This object is a portion of a crucible with remnants of glass melted, cooled, and stuck to the inside. A crucible is an “industrial strength” vessel […]

  • Jeweler’s Casting Flask

    In the summer of 2011, a mysterious object was found within a posthole of James Fort’s 1608-1617 church. There are many resources to identify objects from […]

  • Jeweler’s Drawplate

    This jeweler’s draw plate, used to form decorative metal wire, was found among the thousands of objects filling a multi-purpose cellar. Draw plates were used to […]