• Silver Skeleton Seal

    This silver seal bears an intricate scene reminding its owner of the short time he had on Earth. A skeleton holds both an hourglass and an […]

  • Memento Mori Ring

    This gold signet ring has a reverse design on it that makes a positive impression in sealing wax that would be attached to letters and legal […]

  • Crucifix

    Jamestown was founded during the imperial conflict between Roman Catholic Spain and Protestant England. Fear of Spanish spies grew strong in the harsh and heated living […]

  • Holed Sixpence

    The gentlemen wrote the records of the early James Fort. The workers left their story in the personal objects that archaeologists have found on the fort […]

  • Book Clasps

    Book clasps were attached to the covers of large books to secure them in a closed position. This system began in the 14th century when books […]

  • St. Nicholas Religious Medallion

    This small medallion depicts Saint Nicholas of Tolentino (AD 1245-1305), a 13th-century Italian monk. While not the Santa Claus we know today, Nicholas of Tolention was […]