Starving Time

  • Cahow Bones

    It may have been the cahow’s shrieks that caused sailors to avoid Bermuda for a century and nickname it the “Isle of Devils.” The nocturnal cahow […]

  • Dog Bones

    A mysterious gunpowder explosion wounded Captain John Smith badly and sent him back to England in October 1609. Jamestown became isolated. Chief Powhatan applied pressure to […]

  • Horse Bones

    “Six Mares and two Horses” were loaded onto the Blessing in Plymouth, England, in May 1609 for a three-month voyage to Jamestown. Transporting horses was expensive […]

  • Sea Turtle Shell

    This Green or possible Loggerhead Sea turtle (Cheloniidae) carapace was excavated from a feature believed to be James Fort’s first well. Located in the center of […]