Health & Hygiene

  • Surgically-marked Skull Fragment

    This fragment from the back of a human skull was not found with a body in a formal grave. Archaeologists discovered it with the colonists’ trash […]

  • Teeth With Cavities

    These molars found at the James Fort site reflect advanced periodontal disease. They appear to have fallen out, as there are no marks on the teeth […]

  • Spatulum Mundani

    In an early 17th century fort far from home, how do you cure constipation? This surgical instrument devised by London surgeon John Woodall was one answer. […]

  • Lion Counterweight

    This lion is part of a scale made in Nuremberg, Germany, for weighing pharmaceutical substances. The three dimensional mount of a lion couchant with a ball […]

  • Ear Picker

    A Jamestown colonist used this beautiful dolphin to scrape scale from teeth, clean dirt from fingernails, and scoop out earwax. In the late 16th and early […]

  • Drug Jars

    The design on these jars contains centuries of culture carried on the hot winds of the spice route through Asia and the Middle East. Such jars […]

  • Shaving Equipment

    The fashion for facial hair during Jamestown’s founding was a trimmed mustache and closely shaven beard, sometimes forming a point at the chin. Few men shaved […]

  • Cupping Glass

    It was hard to miss all the news about “cupping” during the 2016 Olympics, but in case you did, many athletes appeared for competition with large […]