• Tobacco Seed

    “A custome lothsome to the eye, hatefull to the Nose,” was King James I’s view of smoking tobacco but this small seed saved Virginia. Colonist John […]

  • Smoker’s Companion

    This handy little pocket tool was used to tamp, light, and clean a tobacco pipe bowl. The rounded handle terminal can be used to push the […]

  • English Tobacco Pipe

    By the late 1500s, smoking tobacco was a popular pastime among England’s upper class. It had been introduced into the country by English explorers returning from […]

  • Cotton Pipes

    Why were the names of famous 17th century English leaders found on tobacco pipe stems in an abandoned cellar and well shaft at James Fort? Lettering […]

  • Bridled Horse Pipe

    This is one of three locally-made pipes with sculptured imagery found in colonial contexts in the entire Chesapeake region. A pipe with a salamander effigy came […]

  • Agricultural Hoe

    This hoe is a narrow, heavy type, known as a grubbing hoe, used for chopping roots out of the ground to prepare fields for tobacco cultivation. […]

  • Pipe Tamp

    Soon after John Rolfe’s 1612 experiment with a new strain of tobacco at Jamestown, the crop became the commodity that ensured the colony’s economic survival. By […]