• Shipping Tag

    This small lead shipping tag was found at the bottom of a James Fort well dating 1611-1617. Stamped “YAMES TOWNE” with individual die stamps, it probably […]

  • Lead Dancing Boy

    This is a three-dimensional lead figurine of a boy who appears to be dancing. It may be a toy brought for the amusement of a child […]

  • Lead Toy Horse

    The tiny lead horses arch their necks, trotting in place, manes tied into running braids and tails docked, poised to move into battle. Somewhere along the […]

  • Lead Cloth Seals

    Small leaden discs, known a cloth seals, were crimped onto finished fabrics in England by the manufacturer, the merchant, the quality control inspector, and the tax […]

  • Window Lead

    Window leads or cames are the grooved leads used to hold together panes of glass in casement windows during the 16th through the 19th centuries. These […]

  • Book Stamp

    Found in 2004, the purpose of this small lead object came to light with the help of Caroline Duroselle-Melish at the Folger Shakespeare Library. Although it […]

  • Bear Figurine

    At first glance, this cast lead figurine appears to be a standing rabbit with erect, elongated ears. Upon closer examination, however, it is clearly an upright […]