Experience the Moment of Discovery

See and hear about the latest archaeological discoveries on a tour on Jamestown Island. Several times a day a member of the Jamestown Rediscovery team spends an hour walking visitors through the active excavation sites and answering detailed questions. National Park Service Rangers also give tours that are rich in the historical sweep of the Jamestown story. You may witness the moment of discovery as an archaeologist pulls from the ground an artifact that has not been seen in 400 years. To see what is happening this week, please check the Weekly Schedule for tour times and other programs.

And after your sense of adventure is sparked, consider two behind-the-scenes tours offered by the experts who began the search for the lost James Fort more than 20 years ago. James Fort: Lost & Found offers an up-close group tour of the 1607 James Fort by Dr. William Kelso, Emeritus Director of Archaeology and Research. Your reserved place in this special group allows you to come under the ropes to walk the surface of the ground once trod by Captain John Smith, Pocahontas, and Queen Elizabeth II—now the very soil being dug by Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists. The Curators’ Artifact Tour provides an intimate tour of the collection of the project, which has unearthed more than three million artifacts. This 90-minute guided program offers a rare glimpse of the artifact vault and a discussion of how artifacts tell the story of Jamestown’s early years.

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