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Dr. James Horn joins Historic Jamestowne

Preservation Virginia is pleased to announce that distinguished historian James Horn, D.Phil., will soon join the organization to head a new foundation, ensuring the continued success of Historic Jamestowne. Dr. Horn will take charge of fundraising and oversee ongoing archaeological fieldwork, collections development, educational programs and operations on site.

Dr. Horn, a leading expert on early American history, presently is Vice President of Research and Historical Interpretation and the O’Neill Director of the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. In that capacity, he has overseen the management of programs and operations at Historic Jamestowne for the past five years under an agreement between Preservation Virginia and Colonial Williamsburg. Preservation Virginia’s agreement with Colonial Williamsburg ends on December 31, 2014. more...

The World of Pocahontas
World of Pocahontas, Unearthed exhibition

World of Pocahontas, Unearthed exhibition
The World of Pocahontas, Unearthed exhibition
A new exhibit now open at Historic Jamestowne reveals new details about the material world of Virginia's Native peoples and their interaction with the English settlers. "The World of Pocahontas, Unearthed" draws from thousands of archaeological artifacts found at James Fort that have illuminated the lifeways of the Chesapeake's Indian peoples in the early contact period of 1607-1614 at Jamestown. more...

2014 Jamestown Church Tower Repair

2014 Jamestown Church Tower Repair
2014 Jamestown Church Tower Repair
This year historic trades workers from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, maintenance workers from Preservation Virginia, and two master masons completed the second phase of repairs to Jamestown's 17th-century brick church tower.

The third phase of the work is now being developed and will install a roof system to keep rainwater off the brickwork yet remain hidden from visitors walking the site of England's first permanent settlement in North America. more...

Jane's Homepage
Jane's rediscovery is an Archaeology worldwide top 10

For the second time in four years, the work of the Jamestown Rediscovery staff has made Archaeology Magazine's list of Top 10 Discoveries of the Year worldwide. The find announced last May was the first forensic evidence of survival cannibalism in a European colony in North America. more...

Where are We Digging Now?

Structure on the northeast corner of the 1608 fort extension
It's now likely that this summer's work by the Jamestown Rediscovery team has uncovered a second fort period structure outside the James Fort's original triangular palisade.

In the first years of the project the archaeologists excavated structure 165, "The Factory" building just outside the southeast bulwark of the fort. It appears that when colonists expanded James Fort into a five-sided space in 1608 they put a building at each of those new palisade corners. more...

For general information regarding Historic Jamestowne,

istoric Jamestowne is the site of the first permanent English settlement in America. The site is jointly administered by the National Park Service and The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation on behalf of Preservation Virginia.

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his copper pendant was found sealed beneath the oldest of several working surfaces in the buried cellar of James Fort's 1607 experimental ironworking building. Bly Straube, Senior Curator at Historic Jamestowne suggests the object may depict a Virginia Indian in such detail that it could have been used in the fort as an identification badge. more...
Jamestown's Current Weather Conditions from NOAA
Jamestown's Current Weather Conditions from NOAA
Jamestown's Current Weather Conditions from NOAA
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