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Jamestown Rediscovery education tours use a multidisciplinary approach to tell the story of the first permanent English settlement.  Our specially trained guides incorporate the latest research, 3D printed artifacts, and a revised historical narrative to provide a dynamic educational experience.  Use our lesson plans to dig deeper into the history of Jamestown and introduce our recent research to your students in a fun and challenging manner. Once you’ve explored our site, be sure to check out our “Other Resources” section which contains links to many of our partners and collaborators including “Virtual Jamestown.” If you’re interested in our most recent finds, check out the Jamestown Rediscovery YouTube channel for our monthly “Dig Update” videos.

“Loved the history of the first settlement in the US. The dig site is so informational and amazing. The museum holds so many of the items found in the area that you can almost visualize being in Jamestowne in the 1600s. The historical accounts of the first settlers and their relationships with the local Powhatan tribe makes you sit and wonder how they really survived and decided to stay in such an inhospitable place. It just goes to show the resolve these settlers had to have. This is a must see for every young person who is studying American History and for everyone who really wants to know how our country really started.”

— Betsy S from Plantation, Florida, TripAdvisor, October 2014