connecting with the colonists

Visit with the Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists and ask them about their latest excavations in front of you. The 1907 Memorial Church, with its historic foundations and informative plaques, is a cool space to sit and contemplate the beginning of English representative democracy in North America. Break for lunch or a quick snack at the historic Dale House Café by the water’s edge before continuing on to the Archaearium, a museum that houses some of the most spectacular finds of the two million artifacts uncovered since the Jamestown Rediscovery Project began in 1994. Gift shops in the Archaearium and the Visitor Center give you a chance to take your favorite part of the Jamestown story home with you.

"If you have come all the way to the Williamsburg area make it a point to go to the Historic Jamestowne (with an e) site. It's the real spot where all the history of Jamestown was played out. It's an actual archaeological site. There is a fine museum and welcome center there. It has guides and rangers that are very knowledgeable, and since this is a working archaeological site you can see them doing the painstaking work of uncovering history."

-- Shane Nolan, North Carolina. TripAdvisor, May 2015