Maple Bones


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This folk musical instrument is reputedly one of the oldest in the world and was traditionally made from a variety of materials including animal bones. They are also known as rhythm bones. The bones are played by holding both in one hand separated by a finger and moving so that they hit against each other.

On ships from Europe bound for the New World colonies, at weddings and dances, from colonial New England, to the great southern plantations and later in the street bands and minstrel shows of the early nineteenth century, the rhythm of the bones contributed to the distinctive music of the new American nation as Anglo-Irish, African-American, and Creole influences came together to form unique musical styles.

This item is handcrafted in Vermont using local native hardwoods.

Package includes 2 musical wooden “bones” and instructions for playing them.

Each bone measures roughly 7 ¾” long x 1” wide.

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