Table Top Quoits


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Similar to horseshoes, the game of Quoits may have come all the way from ancient Greek and Roman times; however it was not documented in any detail until the 19th century when the official rules first appeared in the April 1881 edition of The Field. Many versions of this game are still played today, including East Anglian Quoits, The Long Game, and Lawn Quoits. This set would most accurately be considered Table Top Quoits.  

To begin the game, place the stake (or hob) on a flat surface approximately three feet from the tossing line. Each player then takes turns stepping up to the tossing line and making an underhand toss of the two quoits (rings) towards the hob. Players are awarded points based on how the quoit lands relative to the hob, and the first player to 21 points wins!

Includes: 1 Hob, 2 Quoits, Rules and Scoring Guide

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