Dig Updates

April 2022

Sea level rise is affecting Jamestown Island both on its shoreline and via the encroachment of a branch of the Pitch and Tar Swamp that cuts […]

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"A Time for Remembrance" March 22, 2022

March 2022

This month marks the anniversary of the March 1622 attack by Native peoples on the colony in Virginia. While James Fort was apparently warned and was […]

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February 2022

February has been a busy month for the Jamestown Rediscovery team. While the archaeologists continue their work on the artifacts found at the Angela site, an […]

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January 2022

With winter in full swing the archaeological team has moved indoors to focus on analyzing, conserving, and cataloging artifacts. One of their primary focuses is the […]

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Director of Collections and Conservation Michael Lavin and Curator Dr. Chris Wilkins readying artifacts for the "Gentleman Soldiers" exhibit

December 2021

As the Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists scrape away at the soil just north of the historic 1680s Church Tower, their work is helping to shed light on […]

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Senior Staff Archaeologist Mary Anna Hartley explains the north Church Tower excavations to visitors.

November 2021

The dig continues in three locations in and around James Fort, two sites near the Church Tower and one along the Seawall near the fort’s eastern […]

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October 2021

October has been one of our busiest months this year! Our efforts were concentrated down at the Seawall, where we have been having problems with flooding. […]

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September 2021

While the summer may be winding down, our excavations are moving ahead full throttle! The crew has been busy making some fascinating discoveries at the Seawall […]

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August 2021

Though the heat may dampen our shirts with sweat, it certainly has not dampened our spirits! We have made significant progress at both of our sites, […]

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July 2021

We are in the throes of the summer and in Virginia that means sunshine and humidity. For Jamestown, that also means amazing new discoveries!  Excavations continue both […]

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June 2021

The summer—and our excavations—have been in full swing here at Jamestown over the last month. The team continues to excavate both at the historic Seawall, and […]

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May 2021

As we move into summer, the crew is ramping up excavations for a productive season. All of our tests into features at Ditch 8 have been […]

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