Mary Anna Hartley

Rocks and small artifacts including shark tooth laying in screen

October 2018

 As the excavations in the 1906 Memorial Church began to wind down, Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists devoted the last couple of weeks to investigating a back-filled […]

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September 2018

Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists continued to make interesting discoveries at the Angela Site this summer. Thanks to a National Park Service Civil Rights Initiative grant, Rediscovery is […]

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Archaeologists in Tyvek suits excavate and record burial

August 2018

This month’s update continues with details about the excavation and analysis of the “Grave in the Aisle,” which began the end of July. Jamestown Rediscovery speculates […]

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Excavations inside sealed tent

July 2018

Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists are normally busy during the summer, but this July they kicked things into high gear! On July 6th, the Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation and […]

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Man talking to group in front of brick ruins

June 2018

In June, the Rediscovery archaeologists at the Angela Site in New Town opened new units in their search for Captain William Pierce’s house, where one […]

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Archaeologist excavates brick floor

May 2018

In May, Jamestown Rediscovery added five new archaeologists to the team who will be working through the summer. New staff members include Chardé Reid and […]

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Historic photograph of churchyard excavations

March 2018

With only a few months remaining in the excavation schedule, the Jamestown Rediscovery team continues to search within the 1907 Memorial Church for the three […]

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Archaeologist excavates side of unit

February 2018

When Rediscovery archaeologists began excavating in the east end of the 1907 Memorial Church in the fall of 2016, they uncovered an unexpected assortment of artifacts […]

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Aerial view of brick ruins and excavation units

January 2018

Not too far from the Memorial Church, where Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists are looking for the remains of the church in which the first General Assembly convened […]

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Archaeologist excavating floor features

November 2017

Through the removal of backfill from the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (APVA) 1901-1902 excavation Rediscovery archaeologists have gained several new insights into the […]

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Staff examine artifact on lab table while others film

October 2017

In October, the Jamestown Rediscovery team focused exclusively on the eastern end of the Jamestown Memorial Church. They hoped to uncover evidence of the 1617 church’s […]

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Workers pouring molten bronze

September 2017

In the early 20th century, as construction crews built the seawall around the western tip of Jamestown Island, they encountered a bronze bell fragment. They did […]

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