Lisa Fischer

Archaeologist troweling in an excavation unit

May 2016

During the first couple of weeks of May, the Rediscovery team focused on excavating the occupation layer in the cellar located at the northeast corner of […]

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Lead die being cleaned

No Gambling on Conservation

This past summer Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists focused primarily on digging structure 193, the cellar of a building that sat at the corner of a 1608 extension […]

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Knife blade undergoing conservation

January 2016

Although James Fort is famous for being the location of the first permanent English settlement in the New World, archaeology has shown that it was familiar […]

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Archaeologist excavating artifacts

August 2015

related images Dig Update Archive, 2004-present

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Fragment of wooden box lid with copper alloy tacks

A Tactful Reveal

The wooden cover decorated with tacks that archaeologists excavated in May 2015 may be the cover to a treasure box called a casket. “It would hold […]

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