Benjamin Knowles

Digging with Cultural Connections

I started my internship opportunity rather timid and reserved, because I did not think that I was worthy to be part of such a dynamic and […]

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February 2022

February has been a busy month for the Jamestown Rediscovery team. While the archaeologists continue their work on the artifacts found at the Angela site, an […]

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January 2022

With winter in full swing the archaeological team has moved indoors to focus on analyzing, conserving, and cataloging artifacts. One of their primary focuses is the […]

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Director of Collections and Conservation Michael Lavin and Curator Dr. Chris Wilkins readying artifacts for the "Gentleman Soldiers" exhibit

December 2021

As the Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists scrape away at the soil just north of the historic 1680s Church Tower, their work is helping to shed light on […]

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