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This version of the game “Put and Take” is played with a four sided teetotum, or spinning top, and a set of point servers. The six sided teetotum dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, and the game of “Put and Take” rose to popularity in medieval times. Brought to early America, this game played with a four sided spinner closely resembles the Jewish game of dreidel in its rules which are as follows:

To begin the game, each player is given a set amount of “point servers” or stakes such as nuts, flat marbles, or small coins (or in this case plastic chips), and the rest are placed in the middle “pot”. Each person is given a turn to spin the wooden teetotum and, based on what letter lands facing up, put or take from the “pot”. 

P = The player PUTS an agreed upon stake into the pot.

T = The player TAKES an agreed upon stake from the pot. 

A = The player takes ALL the points from the pot.

N = The player takes NOTHING from the pot. 

When only one “point servers” is left in the pot, each player adds one. When one player has collected ALL the point servers, they win!

Includes: 1 Four Sided Spinner (Top), ~20 point servers, 1 game guide

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