Crystal Quartz Point Earrings


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These clear crystal quartz earrings are inspired by Crystal Quartz Points found by archaeologists at the James Fort site. 

Before the arrival of the English at Jamestown, Virginia Indians had no glass. The closest substance they had to it was clear quartz, also known as rock crystal, which could be found in the Virginia Piedmont and Blue Ridge Mountain areas. Twelve clear quartz triangular projectile points have been found by the Jamestown Rediscovery project. Most of these points (called raputtak in Algonquian) are intact, appearing as if they had never been fired from a bow. Hundreds of other points have been found, made from material nearby the island and in many cases broken as if from the impact a flying arrow would experience. An analysis of stone points found within the fort site between 1994 – 1998 determined that most of the points (79%) were made of stones locally available to Jamestown and that the points made of non-local stones were almost five times more likely to be intact than the local stone points.

Points measure roughly 1.25″ long and .75″ wide, and dangle from a silver finished brass fishhook post.

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