Eagle Charm


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Bald Eagles like the inspiration for this sterling silver charm were present on Jamestown island when the English colonists arrived, though eagles would not be recognized as a national symbol until 1782. Bald eagles were once members of the endangered species list, but through conservation efforts and federal laws, they have made a comeback. There are several active nests on the island today, so visitors in the spring have the opportunity to see juvenile eagles, who learn to fly only three months after hatching!

Bald eagle bones are also a part of the artifact collection displayed in the Archaearium, although it is important to note that both living and deceased bald eagle specimens are protected under the 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the 1961 Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, which make it illegal to import, export, take, sell, purchase, or barter any eagle parts including feathers, bones, nests, or eggs. Exceptions to these Acts are determined by the US Federal Wildlife Services who issue permits for scientific research, religious use by Native Americans, and falconry.

This sterling silver charm measures 5/8″ at its widest points.

Made exclusively for APVA by Hand & Hammer Silversmiths.

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