Francis Nicholson Wine Jug



Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists found 10 onion-shaped glass bottles made in England between 1680 and 1700, clustered upright on the dirt floor near one wall of an 8 x 20 foot rectangular cellar. Other bottle fragments found in the area indicate there may have been as many as 30 wine bottles stored there. One of the intact bottles bears a glass seal with the initials “FN,” which indicates it belonged to someone of wealth and status. During the 17th century, it was customary for high-ranking gentlemen to order wine bottles from England stamped with their personal seal. It may be the mark of Francis Nicholson, the governor of Virginia from 1698 to 1705. 


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This reproduction piece closely resembles the bottles found on site, and was hand blown at the Jamestown Glasshouse.


Bottles measure roughly  5 ½” – 6” diameter at its widest points and 6 ½” – 7” tall.

Each piece is handmade and no two are exactly identical. Hand wash only.


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Weight 1.27 lbs