The Sun is But a Morning Star


Author: Connie Lapallo

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*Book 3 of the Jamestown Sky Series*

Author Connie Lapallo is a descendent of one of the very few colonists who survived the “starving time” which almost annihilated the colony in 1610. With this personal interest in the early history of Virginia she has written a well-researched fictional novel in which her ancestor, Joan Phippen Peirce, is one of the central characters. The Sun Is But A Morning Star is “based on the true story of the women and children at Jamestown.” and is the final novel in the Jamestown Sky series.

When Joan Peirce sailed for Virginia in 1609, she little knew the adventure and hardship that awaited her. In this finale of the Jamestown Sky series, Joan faces her hardest year since the Starving Time. The colony first endures massacre, followed by famine and epidemic contagion, and Virginia teeters on the edge of collapse once more.


Author: Connie Lapallo

Published: 2017

Pages: 596


ISBN: 978-0983398226

Book 1: Dark Enough to See the Stars in a Jamestown Sky

Book 2: When the Moon Has No More Silver


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