When the Moon Has No More Silver


Author: Connie Lapallo

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*Book 2 in the Jamestown Sky Series*

Author Connie Lapallo is a descendent of one of the very few colonists who survived the “starving time” which almost annihilated the colony in 1610. With this personal interest in the early history of Virginia she has written a well-researched fictional novel in which her ancestor, Joan Phippen Peirce, is one of the central characters. When the Moon Has No More Silver is “based on the true story of the women and children at Jamestown.”

The women of Jamestown have survived a hurricane at sea, the Starving Time, and Indian Wars. Now, when Sir Thomas Dale arrives at the settlement, the women little know that Dale’s fear of Spanish attack and desire to keep the colony alive will drive them all to the brink of physical and emotional collapse. Then, a Spanish warship in the bay brings everyone’s worst fears to fruition. In the meantime, the women of Jamestown will face floggings and childbirth, moldy foods and censorship, contagion, and betrayal from within their own Governor’s house. After eleven years in the colony, these women will learn that Virginia—still—is a very wild place. When the Moon Has No More Silver is the second book in Lapallo’s Jamestown Sky Series based on the true story of the women and children who ventured to early Virginia. It follows the story of Joan Peirce and her contemporaries through the years 1610 to 1620.


Author: Connie Lapallo

Published: 2011

Pages: 493


ISBN: 9780983398202

Book 1: Dark Enough to See the Stars in a Jamestown Sky

Book 3: The Sun is but a Morning Star