America’s Scientific Treasures


America’s Scientific Treasures: A Travel Companion

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Whether you are planning a road trip or looking to engage with history from the comfort of your couch, the second edition of America’s Scientific Treasures is sure to satisfy your craving for scientific and technologic history. Stephen M. Cohen and Brenda H. Cohen, a mother-son pair, take readers through countless museums, arboretums, zoos, national parks, planetariums, natural and technological sites, and the homes of a few scientists in this exciting volume. The two combine their expertise in chemistry and history, making this an educational travel guide for science and technology enthusiasts. The book is split into nine geographic regions and organized by state, and it includes how to get to each place, whom to contact, whether it is handicapped-accessible, and even where you can grab a bite to eat nearby. Cohen and Cohen provide the history and significance of each location, plus they offer images for notable locations like the African Savanna at the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens and the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center in the Anchorage Museum. The resulting book is a navigable travel guide perfect for any science or technology enthusiast. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a journey through the history of American sciences and engineering.

Title: America’s Scientific Treasures: A Travel Companion
Authors: Stephen M. Cohen and Brenda H. Cohen
Published: December 15, 2020 (2nd Edition)
Pages: 544
Dimensions: 9.9 x 1.2 x 7 inches
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0197545508

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