Dig Updates 2014

December 2014

 It’s now likely that this summer’s work by the Jamestown Rediscovery team has uncovered a second fort period structure outside the James Fort’s original triangular palisade. In […]

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man pushes a ground penetrating radar unit along a transect line

November 2014

 A Kentucky team has used ground-penetrating radar to explore sites in Mexico, Italy, and across their own commonwealth. This month they took their own time […]

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October 2014

 A corner may be emerging in the large pit feature found just northeast of the 1608 James Fort extension, but there is not yet a […]

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Archaeologist speaks to a group of visitors

September 2014

 The button from a doublet jacket of the type Captain John Smith wore in his portrait. A copper alloy finger ring with the remains of […]

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Man films archaeologist excavating

August 2014

 Interesting artifacts started appearing even as Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists did preliminary preparation of the large pit feature near the corner of the James Fort extension. […]

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July 2014

 The pieces of brick found in large depression just north of the 1907 Memorial Church could be remnants from a brick church that stood more than 300 […]

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June 2014

 For years the outstretched arms of Pocahontas have beckoned visitors to explore. Now it looks like she was also trying to call the attention of […]

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Artifacts in museum display

May 2014

 In June a new exhibit at the Voorhees Archaearium will reveal new details about the material world of Virginia’s Native peoples and their interaction with […]

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April 2014

 Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists have returned to an area outside the western palisade of James Fort where they worked a decade ago, near where they found […]

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Gold ring with stamped skull

March 2014

 Almost on a daily basis someone will ask the field crew if they’ve found any gold yet. Over 99% of the time the answer is […]

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February 2014

 John, Paul, George and Ringo wanted to hold your hand in 1964. But the very first English beetles to invade North America wanted table scraps, […]

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January 2014

 The forensic work done on the bones of “Jane” in 2013 has led to a re-evaluation of previous finds by the Jamestown Rediscovery team. That […]

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