In 2018, Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists continued their preparations for the 2019 commemorations with excavations one two sites, one linked to the meeting of the first representative government at Jamestown and the other where one of the first African women in the colony was living and working. The excavations in the 1907 Memorial Church uncovered evidence of the 1617 church, where the first elected assembly would meet in 1619. In addition, the crew prepared for the installation of new exhibits about the excavations, the historic church, and the historic events surrounding this location. Located on the National Park Service portion of Jamestown Island, the site related to one of the first Africans is named for a woman Angela who is listed in the household of Captain William Pierce. Since 2017 Jamestown Rediscovery has been working with the National Park Service under a Civil Rights Initiative grant to excavate the Angela site to learn more about the landscape she would have known.

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