Meet Dr. Walter Russell

Man in historical surgeon clothing
12:00pm - 4:30pm

“Walter Russell, Doctor of Physicke”_img4192_sm

Location: Archaearium

Drop in and enjoy an afternoon conversation with Doctor Walter Russell, the first doctor at Jamestown. Offering the difference between a “chirurgian” and a Doctor, he will explain in the greatest detail the intrigues of “Humoral Theory”. And should you suffer from any aches, pains, fevers, swellings, fluxes or chills, he has been known to vet out free advices and administer blisters, purgatives, emetics and vomits to get you back to good health!

Dr. Russell was one of the colonists who arrived in 1607. He accompanied Captain John Smith on his first exploration of the Chesapeake bay in summer of 1608, and it was the good captain that credited Dr. Russell with saving his life! From the hardships of Virginia to the bounty of Chesapeake bay, he will no doubt have much to say about life in early Virginia.

Free with paid admission to Historic Jamestowne

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