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The game of Graces, also known as French Hoops, is an historic outdoor game. To play, two players stand opposite each other, approximately 10 feet apart, each equipped with a set of wood rods or wands. One player starts with the wands crossed, places the hoop over the wands, and then quickly uncrosses the rods, sending the hoop flying towards the other player. The second player must catch the hoop on their wands, and send it back to the first player in the same fashion. If the hoop drops, the receiving player loses a point, and the first to lose all 20 points would lose the game. To increase difficulty for master players, two hoops can be passed simultaneously. 


In early American times this game was aimed towards women, having been designed to increase “feminine grace”. Later, boys would also begin to play Graces, but often would do it “just for fun” without keeping score. Today both boys and girls enjoy this game, with or without a score keeping system.


Includes: 4 wands, 2 hoops, game instructions