Scallop Shell Charm


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The Scallop Shell, in addition to having an undeniable connection to the sea, has strong ties to Saint James and Catholic Pilgrimage. The Camino de Santiago, a large network of ancient pilgrim routes stretching across Europe and finishing at the tomb of St. James, is one of the most famous pilgrim paths in the world. Along these routes the Scallop Shell serves as an indicator of direction, pointing travelers towards Santiago. The grooved lines of the Scallop Shell also reflect the many paths converging to a single point.


Whether as a symbol of personal pilgrimage, or just a reminder of the beauty of the sea, this solid sterling silver charm makes an excellent addition to any collection.


This sterling silver charm measures 5/8″ tall by 1/2″ wide at its widest points.

Made exclusively for APVA by Hand & Hammer Silversmiths.

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