Bayberry Taper Candles


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Candle making was a necessary task for the English in the 17th century. One household could consume as many as 400 candles per year. The duty of candle making in the colonies soon fell to women. The least expensive option was to use tallow from livestock, but this type of candle gave off an unpleasant odor and smoked heavily.

An alternative to tallow candles was found by making wax from the berries of the Bayberry bush (also known as Myrtle bush, Candleberry bush, or Virginia Myrtle) in combination with a small amount of tallow. This produced a candle that had a much more pleasant smell, burned clearer and slower without smoking, and did not melt in the summer heat.

Bayberry candles were sought after throughout the 18th century, though the extensive work involved in making them led to a decrease of production.

Bayberry candles have made a recent return to popularity with the tradition of good luck when lit during the winter holidays.


A Note from Mill Creek Apiary:

Handmade in Medford, NJ. These beautiful, clean burning candles are made with a blend of pure bayberry wax and beeswax, and have a calming, subtle pine scent. (They) contain no added fragrances or dyes, and are made with the finest pure cotton wicks. Trim wick to ¼” before use.

Wax from the Bayberry plant is a uniquely aromatic, green, brittle wax. The addition of pure beeswax results in these candles having a longer burn time and higher durability than candles made of bayberry wax alone. Traditionally burned during the winter holidays, bayberry candles are said to bring good luck when allowed to burn all the way down.

These candles are 10” tall and burn at an approximate rate of 1”-1.5” per hour.

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