Tall Leather Bottle


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Molded leather holloware known as “jackware” was commonly used in England and the colonies during the 17th and 18th centuries. Constructed from sturdy steer hide tanned using the bark of the oak tree, these vessels are stitched by hand with hand twisted flax thread and are lined with brewer’s pitch. Their durability and repairability surpassed the glass and ceramics of the period. Jackware was a popular choice for use in kitchens, taverns, and aboard ships.

This vessel is lined with brewer’s pitch, a hot melt resin. Developed for use in the brewing industry, it is a food safe alternative and is nearly identical in appearance to the original pine pitch. Sealed with wax on the outside, this jackware is safe for use with all but hot drinks and pure grain spirits. Although it is not dishwasher safe, jackware may be cleaned with mild soap and warm water, and dried with a soft cloth.

This bottle measures approximately 12” tall (with stopper in place), is 4 ½” wide at its widest points, and has a 3 ½” diameter base. The attached strap is a 48” loop with a 24” drop, and can be shortened to a double loop with a 14” drop.

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