Bartmann Jug Magnet


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The Bartmann Jug, or Bartmänner, were commonly made in the Rhineland region of Germany. First made around 1550, the production of these pieces became popular in the 16th and 17th centuries. The name comes from the German word meaning “bearded man” (bartmann), and they often look significantly similar to one another: a jug with a round squat body, loop handle, red or brown glaze, and an image of a bearded face on its short neck. The face used is believed to derive from the “wild man”, a mythical figure popular in medieval art and literature of Northern Europe. These bottles served a variety of purposes, including storage of food or drink, decanting wine, and transporting goods. Pieces of these jugs appear in many contexts across James Fort and have been found in archaeological sites around the globe: a sign of European colonization, emigration, and trade.


This 3” collectable magnet is a remarkable likeness of these fascinating artifacts.

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