Pocahontas Cross Stitch Kit


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Pocahontas was the favorite daughter of Wahunsenacawh, also known as Powhatan, the most powerful chief in Virginia, with territory spanning 8,000 square miles from the banks of the James River north to the Potomac River. While she did have contact with the settlers at Jamestown after their arrival and over the course of several years, Pocahontas was kidnapped by the English in 1613, who hoped to exchange her for English prisoners held by Powhatan. When her father refused, she remained with the English, studied Anglican religion, and was baptized as “Rebecca”.

 In 1614, she married John Rolfe, the man who introduced tobacco cultivation to the colony. They had a son, Thomas, in 1615. This marriage resulted in a period of general peace between the English and the Indians. In 1616, to encourage financial support for the Virginia venture, the Virginia Company sent Pocahontas and her family to London. There, she became sick. Just as the group was ready to return to Virginia in 1617, Pocahontas died. She is buried at Gravesend, England.

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The portrait this kit creates is modeled after an engraving by Simon Van de Passe in 1616, the only known image of Pocahontas done in her lifetime.


Create your own stitched portrait of Pocahontas with this counted cross stitch kit. Finished project is 7” x 8 ½” when using the provided cloth. 

Kit Includes: 12” x 15” piece of 14 count Aida cloth, embroidery floss, needle, chart, and instructions

Made in U.S.A. by The Posy Collection

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