A Culinary History of the Chesapeake Bay



The four hundred years since colonization have brought European, African and Asian techniques, ingredients and tastes to the Chesapeake Bay. European colonists and Africans both enslaved and free were influenced by indigenous ingredients and Native American cooking and created uniquely New World foods. The nineteenth century saw the development of industries based on the bounty of the Bay and the rising popularity of oysters, blue crab and turtle soup throughout the greater Mid-Atlantic. Waves of immigrants brought their own cuisines to the mix, and colcannon, brisket, sauerkraut and fish peppers are now found on Chesapeake tables. Local author, scientist and blogger Tangie Holifield weaves together the unique food traditions of the Bay, telling the stories of each culture that has contributed to its bounty.

Title: A Culinary History of Chesapeake Bay
Author: Tangie Holifield
Published: October 4, 2021
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 6 x 0.31 x 9 inches
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1467142137

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