The Double Life Of Pocahontas



Pocahontas was caught between two worlds – how could she choose?

Pocahontas was the special favorite of her father, the great chief Powhatan. And when the English settlers came to Virginia, she became a “sister” to Captain John Smith, who was “adopted” into her tribe. She was permitted to move freely between the Indian and white worlds, and her life seemed perfect.

But soon there was trouble. Pocahontas was kidnapped by the settlers, who forced her to live like a white woman. She yearned for her father to meet the colonists’ demands so all would be well again. But before Pocahontas made peace, she would be asked to turn her back on everything she loved- and to leave her Indian world behind forever.

Title: The Double Life of Pocahontas
Author: Jean Fritz
Published: March 2002
Pages: 96
Reading Age: 8-12 years
Lexile Measure: 910L
Grade Level: 3-7
Dimensions: 5.06 x 0.32 x 7.75 inches
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0698119352


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