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In 1607, when John Smith and his “Coatmen” arrive in Powhatan to begin settling the colony of Virginia, their relations with the village’s inhabitants are anything but warm. Pocahontas, the beloved daughter of the Powhatan chief, Mamanatowic, is just eleven; but in spite of her age, this astute young girl acts with wisdom and compassion, and plays a fateful, peaceful role in the destinies of two peoples.

Drawing from the personal journals of John Smith, Joseph Bruchac, winner of the American Book Award for Breaking Silence, reveals an important part of history through the eyes of two historic figures.

Title: Pocahontas
Author: Joseph Bruchac
Published: October 2005
Pages: 192
Reading Age: 12 years and up
Lexile Measure: 970L
Grade Level: 7 and up
Dimensions: 7.49 x 0.54 x 5.08 inches
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0152054656

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Dimensions 7.49 × 0.54 × 5.08 in

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