A Kid’s Guide To African American History


A Kid’s Guide to African American History: More than 70 Activities

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What do all these people have in common: the first man to die in the American Revolution, a onetime chief of the Crow Nation, the inventors of peanut butter and the portable X-ray machine, and the first person to make a wooden clock in this country? 

They were all great African Americans. For parents and teachers interested in fostering cultural awareness among children of all races, this book includes more than 70 hands-on activities, songs, and games that teach kids about the people, experiences, and events that shaped African American history. 

This expanded edition contains new material throughout, including additional information and biographies. Children will have fun designing an African mask, making a medallion like those worn by early abolitionists, playing the rhyming game “Juba,” inventing Brer Rabbit riddles, and creating a unity cup for Kwanzaa. Along the way they will learn about inspiring African American artists, inventors, and heroes like Harriet Tubman, Benjamin Banneker, Rosa Parks, Langston Hughes, and Louis Armstrong, to name a few.

Title: A Kid’s Guide to African American History: More than 70 Activities
Author: Nancy I. Sanders
Published: June 2007
Pages: 256
Reading Age: 7-9 years
Grade Level: 2-4
Dimensions: 11 x 0.6 x 8.5 inches
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1556526534

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