The Complete Works Of John Smith, 1580-1631 Volume II


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Edited by the late Philip L. Barbour, acknowledged as the leading authority on Captain John Smith, this annotated three-volume work is the only modern edition of the works of the legendary figure who captured the interest of scholars and general readers for over four centuries. A hero and adventurer, Smith was the leader who saved Jamestown from self-destruction, and he was also instrumental in the exploration and settlement of New England. He produced one of the basic ethnological studies of the tide-water Algonkians, an invaluable contemporary history of early Virginia, the earliest well-defined maps of Chesapeake Bay and the New England coast, and the first printed dictionary of English nautical terms. This is Volume II of three volumes.

Title: The Complete Works Of John Smith, 1580-1631 Volume II
Editor: Philip L. Barbour
Published: February 2011
Pages: 496
Dimensions: 7 x 1.24 x 10 inches
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0807899106

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Barbour, Philip L.

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