Rediscovering Jamestown Bundle (Books 1-4)


By Jamestown Rediscovery


A collection of Jamestown Rediscovery publications written by our staff of historians, archaeologists, and curators.

This set includes the first four of the Rediscovering Jamestown series in paperback format:

  1. The Archaearium: Rediscovering Jamestown 1607-1699

    The Archaearium: Rediscovering Jamestown 1607-1699  takes readers through one of the world’s few museums dedicated to archaeology. See some of the most spectacular finds among the millions of artifacts that archaeologists have unearthed in 20 years of exploring the original site of James Fort.

  2. Jane: Starvation, Cannibalism, and Endurance at Jamestown

    Jane: Starvation, Cannibalism, and Endurance at Jamestown allows readers to follow archaeologists and forensic scientists as they work to unravel the story of a young English woman, whose remains were found in late July of 2012 during excavations of James Fort.

  3. Holy Ground: Archaeology, Religion, and the First Founders of Jamestown

    Holy Ground: Archaeology, Religion, and the First Founders of Jamestown tells the story of the 2013 excavations of the graves belonging to four prominent men buried in the chancel of the 1608 church. Follow the trail as archaeological evidence, forensic analysis, historical research, and cutting-edge technologies help to unravel the mystery.

  4. 1619-2019: Democracy, Diversity, Discovery

    1619-2019: Democracy, Diversity, Discovery discusses the events leading up to the 1619 General Assembly in Jamestown and the various commercial, economical, and social arrangements that were thought to be important to the success of the colony at the time.



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