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Here at Historic Jamestowne, we “dig” archaeology. For over 20 years, the Jamestown Rediscovery Project has unearthed millions of artifacts and rewritten the story of America’s first permanent English colony.

Some notable finds that have been made here include:

  • A small lead shipping tag, hand stamped with “Yames Towne”, which is likely the equivalent of a modern-day luggage tag. Found in 2006 in a well dating back to 1611-1617, this tag continued its exploration in 2007 aboard NASA’s Space Shuttle Atlantis to the International Space Station. It has now returned home and can be found in our Archaearium. 
  • A copper alloy signet ring, believed to have once belonged to poet and playwright William Strachey, who survived a hurricane and shipwreck on his way to Virginia in 1609. Rings of this sort were commonly used for impressing wax seals on documents. Signets were necessary for business to seal important papers but also to provide a symbolic proof of signature to a largely illiterate population.
  • Many curiously decorated German Bartmann jugs. In addition to their bearded mask with a curved ladder mouth, a Bartmann jug also can sport ovoid-medallions applied to its belly. Medallions on Bartmänner are often armorial, reflecting the coats-of-arms of affluent patrons, European cities and royal houses, ecclesiastical offices, or even the potter’s own distinct or symbol.

Learn more about the many artifacts we have found here.


Front Design:  Pocket size Jamestown Rediscovery logo

Back Design: “I dig Historic Jamestowne” over image of Zúñiga map drawing of James Fort

Material: 100% cotton

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