Project details

  • Date

     December 15, 2014

  • Client

     Bly Straube, Senior Archaeological Curator, 2014

  • Task

     Study Collection

  • Category

     Arms & Armor, Iron

  • Object number – 5858-JR
  • Material – Iron
  • Place of Origin – England
  • Date – early 17th century
  • Context – James Fort, Ditch 28
  • Location – JR Study Collection
  • Category – Arms & Armor

Caltrop, iron, England, (5858-JR)

No matter how a caltrop is thrown, it always lands with a spike in the air. In Europe, caltrops were used to slow down advancing cavalries and foot soldiers. They were also used on a ship against attacking boarding parties. The colonists concealed these anti-personnel weapons around the fort’s perimeter to guard against surprise attack.

Provenience: James Fort, Ditch 28