Jack's Reef Corner-Notched Projectile Point
Jack’s Reef Corner-Notched Projectile Point
  • Object # – #119829
  • Material – Projectile Point: Jasper
  • Place of Origin – North America
  • Date – 700-1300 CE
  • Context – Topsoil
  • Location – Collections
  • Category – Virginia Indian

This incomplete projectile point is our only Jack’s Reef point in the collection. It is a corner-notched point with a broad and thin blade. The general outline of the blade tends to be pentagonal and it has excurvate (curved outward) or angular edges. The base is slightly flared, but mostly flat. This projectile point has been heavily resharpened and broken, but its remaining portion has enough distinguishing characteristics for identification. This projectile point type is commonly found on cherts and jasper, as seen here.

Jack’s Reef Corner-Notched points were first identified in 1961 in New York at the Jacks Reef Site. These projectile points are typically associated with late Middle – Late Woodland period sites (700-1300 CE). They are found in places such as Ohio, New York, North Carolina, and northern Georgia. As with most of our projectile points, this one was found in mixed contexts, but shows that the island was utilized before the English settled here in 1607.